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About Us

Goju Ryu Yonshin Kai Karate Do continues the tradition of researching and teaching authentic karate budo that originated in Okinawa, Japan during the 19th century. The Founding Instructors of our school have come together to propagate the development of authentic Goju Ryu karate in a modern day setting for self defense, confidence and a healthy physical and mental being.

Goju Ryu is one of the major traditional Okinawan karate styles. The literal translation is 'Hard Soft Style' reflecting that power can be generated from a variety of different methods. Yonshin Kai Karate Do was the name awarded to the Founding Instructors by their master instructor in Japan, Ohtsuka Sensei from Goju Kensha. The literal meaning of the name is 'four hearts' and refers to Ohtsuka Sensei and the three Founding Instructors.

All three Founding Instructors have been personally certified in Japan to the rare Bubishi Master rank by renowned Goju Ryu Master, Ohtsuka Tadahiko and have received multiple senior instructor grades in Japan and Australia. With many decades of experience, each Instructor is linked to the traditional Masters of Goju Ryu. Read more about our Founding Instructors here.



We have a range of classes available to suit the specific needs of participants from beginner level to senior instructor level. Our approach is to instruct in caring and safe environment. We aim to build expertise, knowledge and confidence in all our students.

General Class

Our general class is for all ranks, from beginner to advanced levels and registered as students with Goju Ryu Yonshin Kai Karate Do. The main class is held each Monday (except for public holidays) at our Heidelberg dojo between 6:30pm and 8:00pm.

Our Heidelberg dojo is located at:

Banyule City Council Old Shire Office
60 Beverly Road, Heidelberg VIC. 3084. Australia.

Master Class

Structured for experienced practitioners and open to all styles. These unique classes are topic or theme specific. For instance a kata and all related bunkai (applications) are explored in depth. Supplementary training and theory may also be delivered to give participants a deeper understanding of techniques and power generation. All participants receive an approved Certificate of Participation.

Private Class

Structured around the individual. Classes are tailored specifically to the individual after taking into account current knowledge base, experience and rank. The aim is to accelerate the participant's learning and complete understanding of techniques, power generation, application and theory. Private Classes can also be structured for up to two participants and conducted in private at your own place of training.


Our syllabus covers the complete Goju Ryu system and key related styles of karate that contributed to its development. We teach all major kata (forms) and bunkai (applications) within each of the Goju Ryu kata. We also teach applications hidden within the kata to round out a student's understanding of the form and main underlying power generation theme. Our teaching also covers proper breathing, power efficiency and mental agility in the application of techniques.

At advanced levels we also cover key related karate styles that have contributed to the development of Goju Ryu karate over the last two centuries. These styles include the traditional Okinawan styles of Aragaki Ryu, Hakutsuru Ken and Shorin Ryu. This way our students will have a deep and unrivalled understanding of theory and practice in the application of the complete Goju Ryu style.

Our syllabus covers all kata (forms), waza (techniques) and sebaki (drills) to help develop a student's understanding of authentic karate. We also provide written material as a reference guide to senior students to assist with their development.

Portal included

Student members of Goju Ryu Yonshin Kai Karate Do receive free access to our extensive Goju Ryu Portal.


For participants who regularly train and are student members of Goju Ryu Yonshin Kai Karate Do may be asked to participate in a coloured belt (Mūdansha) or black belt (Yūdansha) grading depending on their knowledge level and commitment to development.

Check out photos of our latest gradings of student members by visiting the Teaching & Gradings section of of Galleries.

Online Goju Ryu Portal

After decades of research we make available a unique online Goju Ryu database. It is known as the GOJU RYU PORTAL and is the first of its kind anywhere!

Containing over 160 videos covering all 12 key Goju Ryu kata, bunkai (applications), waza (techniques) and sabaki (drills), it is truly extensive.

Also included are reference training videos of traditional kata from related Okinawan karate styles (Shorin Ryu, Aragaki Ryu and Hakutsuru Ken) that have significantly contributed to the development of the Goju Ryu. In addition, we include instruction on stances, blocks, strikes, kicks and break falls.

It is a total online reference library that is constantly updated.

Free Trial Subscription

We now offer a free trial subscription so that you can experience the Goju Ryu Portal yourself.

The trial period is for 7 days and you will have full unlimited access to all content during the trial period.

You do not need a credit card or supply any financial information to us to undertake a trial.

Click on this link and submit your registration to receive trial access:

Trial Subscription Registration

Our annual subscription total price is only $49.50 (Australian Dollars - AUD).

Register here for full annual access:


We never share your details with third parties. You can view our Terms here.